How much does it cost to register on your network as an advertiser?

Registration on the network is completely free.

I am a seller of goods. What does a fixed selling price mean?

A fixed selling price is a payment for advertising at which you pay only if the sale has taken place.

How much will I pay if the goods are not sold even over a long period of time?

If there are no sales, payment will not be deducted from you, however, we focus on the internal work of our algorithms, and a product that has no demand will be disconnected by the system after a certain period of time.

I am an owner of a price comparison application. How to integrate into your network?

At this link https://adsstate.com/apidocs/v1.html you will find all the technical information required.

I am a seller, I have added goods, replenished the balance, but the status of my advertisement is still waiting for payment.

Most likely, your balance is to low or our algorithm does not find the tracking code on the site with the product that you want to sell. Make sure you include the tracking code.

I am a seller, I have added goods, replenished the balance, but my goods were rejected.

Most likely your product was determined by our moderators based on their experience, as a product with a small target audience. Another possible reason is that your product violates the rules of most sites for comparing prices on our network and therefore cannot be approved.

What are the requirements for my store for selling goods?

We do not have special requirements for the store. The main requirement is that the store does not sell illegal products.

What should I do if my product is no longer manufactured, and I would like to suspend its sale and request the balance back to my account in the payment system. How should I do it?

Stop the ad on the page with the list of your products. Then you can request the balance back to your account in the payment system.

Why is the campaign of my product suspended?

Most likely, the link leading to your product is not responding. Our algorithms in real time check all advertising links and in the event that the link is not active advertising is suspended.

How do I contact customer support?

You can contact us by email or by using the contact us form.

In what language can I contact you?

You can write to us in English, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

Can I resubmit my application for another review?

If you have fixed the issues with your website and your website now meets our requirements, just contact your Personal Manager via the contact us form with this matter and your application will be reviewed again.

Can I delete my account?

An account can be deleted or just closed upon your request.

How do I update my personal information?

Please contact the support team by sending a ticket and your request will be processed ASAP.

Where can I see my paid amount and my payment history?

Select ”Payment History” to view your invoices and payments. On this page you will have an overview of your account balance, your individual invoices, and your individual payment receipts.

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