Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


1.1 This Privacy Policy describes the use of all private data provided to us or which is collected on (the “Site”) by AdsState(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) in relation to use and disclosure of information you share via this Website (hereinafter referred to as “website”, “us”, “we” or “our”).The language used in this Privacy Policy Statement have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which can be found on the Site. All other websites or third-party which are sourced are not governed by this Privacy Policy Statement whether they are linked by email, through print, or online.

The Privacy Policy was created to inform you what information we collect when you visit our website as well as our customer's ("Advertisers") websites; and how that information is collected and used by companies that display advertisements ("Partners" or “Publishers”).

We are providing you with this Privacy Policy to help you make an informed decision as to whether to use or continue using the website. The Company reserves the right to update the policy periodically, and these updates are effective upon posting. It is imperative that this document is read thoroughly and often.


2.1 Your privacy is at the top of our concern and AdsStateis dedicated to safeguarding it. All clients confirm that the access of our site constitutes their understanding and acceptance of this Privacy Policy Statement and the gathering of any and all personal information. This Privacy Policy Statement is the said company’s present confidentiality practices with regards to the information we collect when you or visit our website.


3.1 AdsStatereminds its users that all third-party or contributing outside merchant that link to their Site, possess their private privacy policy statements which can be scanned while on their sites. It is highly advised that all clients visiting or linking to their sites, go over the details covered in the privacy policy prior to making any monetary transactions or submitting any personal information. This is because we are not responsible for any of the content what so ever associated with their site nor do we govern over their terms and practices.


4.1 AdsStateis obligated to collect private identifiable information. This data is for the specific use of registration of clients, and for marketing and billing purposes. This procedure is done when users connect to our site. Our agents will either collect this data straight from the site, with the assistance of cookies, directly from the user or as mentioned a third party service provider.

4.2 Clients who visit the site have the option of registering and opening an account. When they choose to open an account, they will be asked to provide personal information like their name, telephone number, home address, email, account number and possibly additional applicable information. Some personal information may be asked so that we could better assist you. Your IP which is your computer address will also be recorded. Clients who are making financial transactions will need to submit their financial information. Please note that any financial data that we collect, is solely used for the purpose of billing/Payouts for the services provided and received.

4.3 Keep in mind that as hard as we strive to conceal and safeguard your data when sending information over the internet, no method of storage and protection is absolute. Trust goes both ways, and just as we trust that you will provide us with personal information, we believe that you will have confidence in our promise to protect this valuable information that you shared with us as best we can.


5.1 One of the procedures that we carry out is tracking your Internet Protocol address looking at how you navigate our site so that we can troubleshoot our site and enhance its performance. Other items we might check while you are visiting our site are the links you use from within our site and the date and time of your activity on our site.


6.1 AdsStateis a big fan of the use of cookies. Fundamentally, it is a way to make the users’ life easier when accessing the site again. It is a small piece of text that is saved to the computer by the web page server which helps recognize that particular visitor when they return to the Site. No viruses or harm can be transferred through the use of cookies. Cookies are like your computers fingerprints and can only be understood by your browser which assigned them primarily to your machine.

6.2 Cookies are a time saver. It is great for accessing relevant content and simplifies Site navigation by offering and remembering login information.

6.3 Other companies are barred from dumping cookies on our site.


By visiting the Company website, you consent to the collection and use of any personally or non-personally data as outlined above.




If you do not agree to these terms, or wish to limit the use of any of your personal information that we may have, You may withdraw your consent in your account settings, or contact us via email or regular mail.


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